Customer Information Helps Beat Back Chargebacks

Success Story

Learn how Whitepages Pro solved a major issue for data recovery software pioneer Prosoft Engineering after it saw a ten-fold increase in fraud.

Prosoft Engineering helps customers manage their data. Its data recovery application, Data Rescue, has been lauded by the likes of Macworld and PC Magazine. Its other offerings include software for hard-drive utility, volume control, and secure data erasure. With such innovative products, ProSoft became a target for global fraudsters and underground resellers.


Prosoft’s founder and CEO Greg Brewer details the challenge that needed a fast and scalable solution:

Data Rescue One is a lightweight hard drive with our award-winning Data Rescue software integrated into it. There is nothing like it on the market, and the fraudsters know this. After we saw a 10-fold increase in fraud year over year, chargebacks became a significant problem. Our merchant even informed us that because of [the chargebacks], they would be withholding funds. With Whitepages Pro, we’re able to review suspicious orders daily. If they are deemed fraudulent, we manually refund the order and document all necessary information. This allows us to refund the customer’s money before they are able to file a chargeback with their bank.


Nearly 100 percent of fraud attempts thwarted

Prosoft is able to thwart nearly 100 percent of credit card fraud attempts. If caught within eight hours, these attempts become declines, not chargebacks.


A modern approach to a modern problem

Now that address data is available on the black market, it is neither a reliable nor accurate input for fraud prevention. Whitepages Pro focuses instead on the provided phone number and digital address data. This additional data helped ProSoft fight a 10x increase in fraud.


Harnessing the power of customer information

Identity Check's 5 searches and match statuses help Prosoft determine if the phone number and email address provided on the order are or aren't associated with other identity points on the order.

We chose Whitepages Pro because of the results we received from the customer information entered. It was able to tell us when the email was created and the IP distance from the billing address. We think those are key in determining if a transaction is fraud.

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