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The Accertify integration with our Identity Check API brings industry leading identity data to merchants to make their rules engine more intelligent.

Access identity data directly in Accertify's Interceptas® Data Management Platform

Accertify's integration of the Whitepages Pro Identity Check API is an ideal complement to the Interceptas Platform. Identity Check helps flag risky orders that are just shy of the manual review threshold and speeds good orders to clear. The data is pulled into the Case Management feature of the Interceptas Platform to help agents make decisions with better insight and coverage.

reduce manual review

Reduce manual review

Find good orders caught in manual review and speed them to clear. Keep good customers happy and allow review agents to focus on risky orders.

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Save time with a single call

Identity data is surfaced in the Transaction Details module to reduce the need for external searches and save time on complicated orders.

Identity Check Results Explained

Data evaluation

Whitepages Pro engineers partner with merchants to run comprehensive data tests and make weighted rule recommendations with tangible ROI.

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Learn more about our global identity data available within the Interceptas Platform.

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