Screening Raw Data: Identity Check

Oceanos & Whitepages Pro

Success Story

The Opportunity

Oceanos designs data strategies and delivers List Intelligence™ to help their customers optimize sales and marketing performance. Armed with their List Optimizer™ technology and unique research methodologies, they provide customized data to demand-creation activities. Industry leaders such as IBM, SAP, Cisco and Lenovo all use Oceanos to better utilize contact and business intelligence.

To accomplish their goal of providing unique, targeted data lists to their customers, Oceanos relies on 3rd party data vendors for raw data lists, which their analysts then review and refine. But purchased data did not always meet Oceanos’ standards, and the need to enhance their data quality only grew.

The Solution

Oceanos looks to Whitepages Pro to screen the 3rd party data they give to their clients for better quality assurance. Thanks to our responsive customer support team, we made it easy for them to implement Pro API into their existing system. Now they can easily crosscheck phone numbers with Pro data for great quality assurance.

Additionally, Pro designates landline, mobile and Do Not Call numbers and provides Oceanos with the ability to extract invalid and non-compliant numbers. Previously, Oceanos was unable to both determine data quality and extract non-compliant numbers. Because of Pro, Oceanos was able to build algorithms that better align targeted info with specific customer needs, yielding a more refined product for their customers.

Increase in sales per year since implementing Pro
Reduction in bad numbers from 3rd party lists

The Results

Today, Oceanos’ sales are increasing about 35% per year. Since bringing on Pro, the company removes 10% of bad numbers from 3rd party vendor lists. Plus, they now save their clients more money and time by providing them with a data list they can trust. As a result, their account and sales teams have increased assurance in the data they sell and are more confident going after larger clientele.

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