Join our workshops at MRC Vegas

Join us at MRC Vegas on Wednesday, March 21 for a series of workshops focused on how merchants can utilize identity verification data, rules, and machine learning to improve customer approvals, reduce fraud, and cut manual review times in half.

Can’t make it to one of our workshops? Stop by and see us at booth #614 or join our party at Velveteen Rabbit!

1:00 PM | Fraud Platform Workshop
Learn about the Identity Check API’s integration into a major fraud platform, the testing and evaluation process, and how to reduce manual review and decrease chargebacks with customized rulesets. You’ll also hear a case studies from a merchant who has implemented Identity Check and the positive results they have seen.

2:00 PM | Kount Workshop
Learn about recent trends from merchant Elie Chemaly (Staples) and how his team utilizes the Kount platform and Whitepages Pro to reduce fraud. You’ll also hear best practices from Elie on building rules and examples of how they adjust their fraud strategy in real-time.

3:00 PM | CyberSource Workshop
Hear from merchants Frank Lam (Home Depot) and Tyson Purkey (Backcountry) on how to optimize rule sets in the CyberSource Decision Manager platform for the best ROI. You’ll also learn which risk signals provide the most value and the tools used for analysis.

4:00 PM | Machine Learning Workshop
With the sophistication and ever-changing nature of fraud, merchants need to shift to real-time decisioning to improve the order approval process, while keeping fraud to a minimum. Join this workshop as we unpack the complexity of machine learning and provide tactical steps for applying it to eCommerce fraud strategies. You’ll also hear from Mike Ritchie (Blispay) on how his team implemented identity data in their models to identify fraud.

We will be giving away a Nest Cam Indoor to one lucky attendee at each workshop. Space is limited, so register now to secure your spot!

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