Whitepages Pro Machine Learning

Fight fraud with the power of quality identity data and sophisticated data science

Proven lift for your fraud models with Whitepages Pro APIs


Data built for models

  • RESTful APIs to allow for easy, flexible, and reliable integrations into your model
  • Sub-second responses to deliver robust identity data to your model in 250ms
  • Consistency in API response across all countries to simplify feature creation and reduce dev work
  • Quality and quantity data to provide the granularity needed to move your ROC curve

Modeling guidance

  • Exploratory analysis including fill rates and correlations to optimize testing and save dev time
  • Feature recommendation provides best performing data attributes and best practices to optimize model development
  • Complimentary proof of concept data set to negate coding and calling an API and saves valuable data science resources during testing

Internal machine learning expertise

  • Modeling expertise in sophisticated modeling methodologies and 20 years of data science expertise.
  • Trusted source we use all our own data in our internal models and products to fight fraud and identify good transactions
  • Knowledge sharing on model selection, feature engineering, experiment setup, and performance measurement

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