Whitepages Pro Information Security


Whitepages, Inc. is a global leader in digital identity verification. Whitepages has been in business for over 20 years with a profitable and diversified set of assets and solutions, including Whitepages Premium for consumers and Whitepages Pro for businesses.

Our foundation is data at massive scale. Our free search web properties serve 55 million visitors per month and account for more than 90% of free people searches in North America. Whitepages Pro serves over 2,000 corporate clients, including two of the top three banks in America.

As a data company, security is paramount to protect our assets and those of our customers. That’s why we’ve intentionally built our architecture with security top of mind, using multiple layers of security between the Internet and our systems. We have carefully crafted our policies and procedures to meet the needs of the most security-conscious customers in the world.

As a global business, we devote time and resources to keep abreast of the ever-changing privacy landscape – both domestically and abroad. All of our data providers are thoroughly vetted to ensure the authenticity of their data and that all of the technical and legal requirements are met to use that data for identity verification across the globe. Our thorough vetting process is one of the reasons why companies trust our data to verify identities in over 170 countries.

Whitepages has rigorous data security policies that have passed the most stringent information security evaluations from top banking institutions in the United States. Fifty Fortune 500 companies trust Whitepages Pro data to help identify the legitimate customers from the fraudulent ones.

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