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Identify good applicants and fight fraud at the top of your funnel


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Winning with Exceptional Customer Experience Without Falling Prey to Fraud


Global lenders who trust our data

Fast-track good applicants

Our global identity data, implemented via rules or machine learning, optimizes your online lending workflow to identify quality applicants and filter out fraud.

Lower cost per fund

Identify quality applicants at the top of the funnel to optimize customer acquisition

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Prevent fraud loss

Leverage identity data in rules and machine learning models and avoid fraud related defaults

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Synthetic identity theft

Detect synthetic fraud by identifying mismatches in non-PII data elements

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We’re integrated with the industry's top online lending platform


The Identity Check API and global data are fully integrated with Experian CrossCore.

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GDS Link

Access global data through the Identity Check API directly integrated in the GDS Link Decision Engine.

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Industry-leading global data solutions built for today's online lenders

Identity Check

Real-time global data, machine learning, and network insights across the five core data attributes of email, phone, person, address, and IP.

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Pro Web Suite

Global manual review tool with direct platform integration, positive and negative signals, and the ability to deep-dive into individual elements.

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