July 7, 2017

Identity Check

  • Improved name matching for following scenarios: input name is provided in “Last, First” format and input is last name only.
  • Cases for phone to address, where only state level location is available for a phone will be processed correctly and we will return the value instead of null response.
  • Updated country code to accept an unconventional input of UK or GB for GB and not report “Invalid Country Code” error.
  • Added new address checks warning: “Input postal code was corrected. Potential impact to AVS code” to help catch cases where fraudsters alter a postal code to pass AVS checks.
  • Improved coverage globally for international addresses, averaging 6% ip to address distance coverage increase.
  • Improved domain creation date handling to make it faster and more reliable. This helps for international domains which takes longer to get creation date.

Reverse Phone, Phone Intelligence Identity Check, Lead Verify

  • Improved international phone number validation due to improved format normalization logic by 2%.

Find Person

  • Updated search rules to handle search area expansion correctly.
  • Updated search historical partial addresses to help find people with name X who used to live in City, State in the past.
  • Corrected historical location search for a person.

Phone Reputation

  • Improved stability and response time for this endpoint.

Pro Web

  • Added more associated people links and clearer relationship types: spouse, immediate family, extended family, associated people, household, and potential owners.
  • Restored country level searching for find person searches; can now search for a person in the whole US/Canada, just omit the city, state, and zip field.
  • Reduced the time it takes to load Lookups page for Admins.
  • Update educational cards on start page to advise users for a better search experience.