February 5, 2018

Identity Check API

  • Improved upstream calls handing on Identity Check 3.0 and 3.1 versions, reducing the number of partial errors in response.
  • Improved precision and recall of name matching, utilizing complex and efficient name parsing algorithm to improve name matching.
  • Updated quality and precision of address validation internationally. We now have rooftop geolocation precision for addresses, which improves IP to address distance calculations.
  • Added name coverage for Great Britain and Mexico

Reverse Phone. Reverse Address, Find Person, Find Business APIs

  • Improved coverage for link start/end date by 50% in Reverse Phone, 100% in Find Person, and 100% in Reverse Address.

Pro Web

  • Search by phone, person, address, and business
    • Added more relatives’ data; specifically, person to person links that we know are relatives but cannot classify as a spouse, extended, or immediate family member.
    • Adding people and business to the top-level address for people and businesses without an assigned unit number. This allows us to place a person at the building address, just not the specific unit number, allowing us to tie a person to that physical location.
  • Identity Check
    • Global address validation capabilities enabled through the search bar drop down for all countries in the World.