August 3, 2017

Identity Check

  • Improved handling of internal and external API calls to reduce the number of timeouts and failures by 70%.
  • Improved international email first seen by 3-5% globally.
  • Updated partial addresses to return is_valid=null instead of is_valid=true.
  • Improved handling of input address with invalid or missing secondary (unit number), by doing an additional person search to attempt to append correct unit number when possible.
  • Improved international name matching to get additional 1.2% match rate with no false positives.
  • Updated autogenerated algorithm for emails to catch email tumbling for Gmail accounts.
  • Added support for numeric country codes in addition to alpha2 and alpha3.

Find Person

  • Updated found at address to populate for people, to provide exactly where person was found for current or a historical location.

Reverse Address, Reverse Phone

  • Added ephemeral IDs to show up for addresses and phones.
  • Reduced p95 response time by 10-200ms depending on complexity of request by speeding up internal data retrieval.

Find by ID

  • Launched a set of address, phone, location, and business APIs that allows customers needing specific data on an exact entity to come back and explore.

Pro Web

  • Fixed bug for reverse address results that were timing out for never seen before address affecting. Every address search will provide either a result or proper error message.
  • Improved website stability and latency.