April 4, 2017

Identity Check API

  • Added is_forwarder for all versions of identity check api to help identify if an address associated with a transactions is actually a re-shipper.

Lead Verify API

  • Increased load handling and decreased response times with updates to infrastructure.
  • Improved email validation to reliably validate over 95% of emails. There is still a small number of tricky email domains and emails served from far away that are difficult to validate.
  • Increased email-to-name coverage.

Phone Intelligence API

  • Released Phone Intelligence 3.0 API
  • Added country_code and country_name in response for simplification of international queries.
  • Simplified ID of the phone number.
  • Simplified errors and warnings.
  • Removed is_connected field.

Pro Web

  • Updated international address validation messaging for Identity Check Web (i.e. validated to valid international address).
  • Fixed minor search bar design items.
  • Bug fix to Find Person search results, they are now surfacing current address for all results.
  • Bug fix to in Identity Check search results where blank email data attributes were showing up when no email address had been entered.
  • Identify missing address information like unit/apt/suite number as well as mis-entered information of an invalid unit/apt/suite number in Identity Check web.
  • Added subdivision to IP address checks; subdivision translates to: state (e.g. Washington, USA), county (Buckinghamshire, UK), or province (e.g. Ontario, Canada).