Reverse Address (Java Servlet/JSP)

Find by Address allows you to query the Whitepages Pro databases and request all the records relating to a given street address.

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This sample app uses the Reverse Address Whitepages Pro API feature to request all of the records associated with a given street address.


Enter some information about an address, such as Street Address, City, State, or Postal Code. Then click on the Search button. Current and historical records of People, Phone Numbers, and Businesses associated with this address information are displayed in a nicely-formatted HTML document.


This example uses the Find Person Whitepages Pro API. The sample application is built using the Java Servlets API, the Java Standard Tag Library, and Java Server Pages Expression Language. The project was created in Eclipse 4.5 (Mars) EE, and run on Apache Tomcat 8.0 as the servlet container.