CRM Contact List Updates (ASP.NET)

CRM Contact List Updates Sample application can provide the latest addresses and phone numbers based on old, historical information you have in your database, and thus allow you to clean up an out-of-date contact list.

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This example runs an uploaded CSV file containing contact information through a data cleansing process that uses the Whitepages Pro Find Person API to obtain the most recent information for a given person, given an old address. The use of the is_historical flag on the API request allows you to query the Whitepages databases using out-of-date information.


Create a simple CSV file on your computer with the following eight columns of information: Last Name, First Name, Middle Name or Initial, Street Address 1, Street Address 2, City, State, Postal Code. Then select that file using the HTML file upload component. A cleansed CSV file containing the same number of records, but with updated address and phone information, is sent back and available as a file download.


This example uses the Find Person Whitepages Pro API. It was written in C# using Visual Studio 2013, and runs on the .NET Framework 4.5 and the ASP.NET MVC web framework.