Contact Form Fill (Android)

Reverse Phone can help streamline a signup workflow by allowing a user to enter only their phone number; the rest of a person’s contact information, including their name and address, is automatically retrieved.

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This example Android app demonstrates a hypothetical workflow where you would like to be able to allow your users to register for your service using only their phone number, instead of having to enter their name and other identifying information by hand. By providing a quick and easy-to-use search mechanism that leverages the power of the Whitepages Pro API, you can enable such a scenario.


Enter a phone number into the text field that is provided, and click Search. The first and best person match from a Reverse Phone API call is displayed on the screen; from here you have the option to Confirm or to try again with a different phone number.


This example uses the Reverse Phone Whitepages Pro API. The application was built using Visual Studio 2013 and Xamarin for Android on Windows 8.1.