Confidence Score

A comprehensive assessment of a transaction that leverages the millions of transactional patterns across our network and Identity Check's 70+ data signals to deliver a score on a 0-500 range

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Confidence Score

Machine learning and sophisticated data analysis provide continuous adaptation to patterns and signals across our network and identity data to deliver an actionable Confidence Score.

70+ data elements of Identity Check + Network data

Actionable number

The power of all of Identity Check’s data attributes plus our network distilled into a single number for easy real-time rule building or integration into your model.

Data science

Our machine learning and sophisticated data science analyze millions of transactions to learn patterns across different industries and continuously adapt the score.

Our network

Our network sees signals across millions of transactions and multiple customers for a real time understanding of identity element velocities, transactional frequencies, and linkage histories.

API or Web

Use the Confidence Score via API for direct platform integration or in your own risk models, or get it via Web to speed up your manual review.

Identity Check Confidence Score
Easily identify good transactions from the bad ones so you can grow revenue and fight fraud
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