Whitepages™ + Samsung = Caller ID & Spam Detection

“Impressed by the Samsung Galaxy S7? Before you give a final verdict, there’s one extra feature we think you should know about. Whitepages™, a company that provides caller ID and spam detection in the US, has teamed up with Samsung to bake its services directly into the new flagship. So when your phone rings, there’s a good chance you’ll know exactly who’s calling — regardless of whether or not they’re in your phone book,” writes Nick Summers of endgadget.

We’re excited to announce that Samsung’s Galaxy S7 will be using Whitepages to improve caller identification and spam detection. Coming to 16 countries across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, is a seamless experience, built right into the phone (no app required) that helps identify unknown callers and protect users against the growing nuisance of phone spam and scams. According to Whitepages’ annual “State of the Unwanted Call” report, there was a 35 percent growth in spam and scam calls in 2015 over 2014.

This isn’t just a problem for consumers, businesses are at risk too. Unwanted calls grew by 162% year-over-year and cost SMBs $475 million to phone spam. Approximately 40% of business calls are unwanted, and this number is only going up. With the growth of VoIP and the cost of a call is going to zero, telephony spam is on the rise.

Every spam and scam we’ve tracked at Whitepages has shown a pattern. The catch is you just need to have the right tuning data and processing capacity to see them. Using Whitepages Pro phone data, businesses can discover insights and take action based on known phone behavior and patterns to block and filter spam calls.

The Whitepages Pro® Phone Reputation API allows you to receive an easy to act upon reputation level of 1 – 4. A level 4 phone number has a 97% likelihood of having engaged in spam or scam, giving you confidence to know when to block a naughty number. If you need a finer level of granularity to prevent a targeted attack, you can use the Whitepages Pro Tuning API to identify the patterns specific to your traffic.

Fight this multi-billion dollar problem by filtering unwanted calls and texts in real-time before they harm consumers or businesses. Our proprietary automated algorithms identify 20,000 naughty numbers a day, analyze 2.5 billion phone and text events a month, and process over 1000 numbers per second. Create custom call rerouting, prioritization, blocking, and more by getting your Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API key.

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