Whitepages Pro Joins Twilio’s Developer Marketplace as Premier Twilio Add-on Partner

While we already let you in on the four reasons why we’re so excited for Signal 2016, we couldn’t help but let you in on one other big announcement. The Whitepages Pro team is in San Francisco this week not just to attend Twilio’s flagship developer conference, but because we are part of something new and big going on there! Today, Twilio announced that they have launched a new Marketplace where developers and businesses can easily access partner technologies that have been pre-integrated with the Twilio API. This is HUGE and Whitepages Pro is excited to partner with them as part of their new Marketplace.  We are featuring three Whitepages Pro API products for real-time call/SMS integration or post-call analytics, as Add-ons within the Twilio Marketplace . These three APIs include:

As a Premier Partner of Twilio Add-ons, Whitepages Pro will provide developers with a single source for adding in-depth phone and caller data attributes onto their Twilio powered products and solutions. Users can now easily add Whitepages Pro mobile identity data APIs onto their Twilio communication APIs directly from within the Twilio Marketplace.

Whitepages Pro is an enterprise-class solution for businesses needing to verify identities, qualify opportunities, and ensure record accuracy. As Twilio users continue to enable messaging, voice, and video across web and mobile apps, we believe we are uniquely positioned to provide developers with the best real-time mobile identity data available at scale. Each product is available as an Add-on within the Marketplace and accessible through a user’s existing Twilio account.

Visit the Twilio Marketplace and discover the Whitepages Pro Add-ons.

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