Whitepages Pro Is Hitting the Road!

In an effort to spread the word about our robust data and identity solutions, Whitepages Pro has made it a goal to attend numerous conferences and events where we meet with contacts across all industries. Throughout this process, we’ve found a common pattern; the merchants desire to network and talk with their peers about key trends, pain points and best practices.

In order to help merchants get together more often, Whitepages Pro has launched a series of road shows throughout the US.  So far we have had insightful conversations with merchants in Columbus, Dallas and Seattle.

Last Thursday, June 11th, we hosted some of Seattle’s best-known retailers, including Microsoft, Expedia, Ticketmaster and Blue Nile. The evening resulted in a variety of e-commerce discussions relating to individual experiences, including:

  • Efficiency in manual review
  • Reducing false positives
  • Dealing with account takeover and friendly fraud
  • How to prepare for EMV implementation
  • Aftermath of data breaches and how to verify identities
  • Using email and social profile information to your advantage

From CEOs to fraud managers and analysts, we‘ve had a full spectrum of those concerned with online payment risk and fraud. From these conversations, everyone was able to walk away with something, whether that was a new connection, a new solution, or a newly identified goal.

Below are a few of our favorite responses we heard from representatives:

“Tonight I learned about the different thresholds of phone numbers – its great to hear how Whitepages displays this information, and they will be helpful as we think about providing fraud training to our groups.”

“Mobile phone number is the next big piece of information that merchant’s won’t be able to do without”

“Improving manual review as a way to scrape off seconds. Considering our volume of orders and headcount, this can make a huge difference”

The good news is, we aren’t stopping there! We are excited to announce that Whitepages Pro will be in San Francisco on June 23rd, 2015. Let us know if you are interested in learning more about Whitepages Pro. If you would like us to host an event in your city, or if you’re just interested in learning more about our solutions, reach out to me at

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