Join us for this Bootstrap Tutorial to learn the secret recipe behind phone spam detection. These days spam is everywhere – it’s in your breakfast (egg and Spam), it’s in your Python (spam, ham, and eggs), but above all, it’s on your phone.

With the growth of VoIP and the cost of a call going to zero, the multi-billion dollar problem of telephony spam is on the rise. Build custom call rerouting, prioritization, blocking, and more with international data on spam level, call volume, consumer reports, and the 18 flavors of phone spam, like “IRS scam” and “vacation scam.” Can the spam in real-time before it harms consumers or businesses by getting your Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API key.

Expand your taste for spam beyond teriyaki, jalapeño, or hickory smoke. To create your own perfect recipe use the Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation API to return data on:

  • Level: The likelihood of a number being an unwanted caller.
  • Volume: How active the phone number has been in making and receiving calls and texts.
  • Reports: The number of reports Whitepages has received on this phone number being spam or fraudulent.
  • Details: The 18 flavors of spam, like “IRS scam,” “Vacation scam,” or “Robocaller.”

With your discerning palate and new ingredients, you’ll be able to separate valid calls from spam and fraud calls. Afterwards, you should have the culinary knowledge and tools needed to participate successfully in the AT&T Developer Hackathon.

 What you will learn:

  • Who’s impacted the most by SMiShing and Phishing scams.
  • How to use these unique returns to determine a phone number’s spam level and risk details to make real-time decisions.
  • What you can do with spam besides make Spam, bacon, sausage, and Spam.

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