Using SMS to Create a Better Customer Experience

As technology continues to advance, customer expectations are also rising.  To satisfy a customer in this day and age you must have the ability to provide a great experience in the way they wish to receive it.  Many contact centers have adopted a multi-channel communication strategy with email and chat in addition to voice, yet it’s still rare to see multi-channel communication leveraged despite the technology available.  

One particular communication channel on the rise in the contact center is SMS. Organizations that embrace the SMS channel are seeing the following benefits:

Higher customer satisfaction at a lower cost.  It’s no secret that SMS interactions cost less than voice. Utilizing the SMS channel allows organizations to communicate with customers in their desired channel, reduce wait times by offering alternatives to voice, and save money. 

Agent efficiency.  Good agents are hard to come by, and it’s necessary to get more out of those that you have. SMS agents are able to have multiple quality interactions with customers at the same time. 

Better customer engagement.  Customers are less likely to abandon calls when alternative methods of solving their problem are available.  Whether that’s instructions via SMS on self-service methods or agent interaction via SMS, there are multiple ways a customer can reach their desired outcome when you give them the opportunity to choose their communication channel.

At Whitepages Pro, we offer industry leading data.  Using our Phone Intelligence API, you’ll be able to identify customers calling into your contact center via a mobile device in real-time.  This gives you the insight necessary to let them choose how they want to communicate with your organization, ultimately leading to a great customer experience. 

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