Using Big Data to Solve Business Problems

It seems that big data is a hot topic in conversations everywhere, but what many don’t know is that big data has been around for decades. The difference from then to now is that that use cases and the study of it are evolving at an incredible pace. “There is a big data revolution,” says Weatherhead University Professor Gary King. But, it is not the quantity of data that is revolutionary. As Gary King says himself, “The big data revolution is that now we can do something with the data.”


Phone Line Type Can Help Marketers Reduce Risk

One of the interesting things about working at Whitepages Pro is that I often hear about new business problems that haven’t hit everyone’s radar screen just yet.

For example, I recently sat down with one of my customers who described a challenge that needed fixing right away. This particular client has many lines of business, but described a risk management problem in products that are targeted to the credit-challenged consumer. His manual “eye test” suggested that unless the phone line type was either a landline or mobile number with a recognized carrier, than the direct response inquiry for that transaction carried significantly more exposure. His goal was to build a decision model based on phone line type to filter out any potentially risky or unwanted transactions.

My client’s original plan could have been incredibly tiring, as there are many non-traditional phone line types that he would have to manually sift through. There are also more granular data attributes to provide more fidelity on line types. Some of these include; non-fixed VoIP, ten-digit international, toll free, and premium numbers. Also, there are signals available such as Pre-Paid indicators; Do Not Call and even our new Phone Reputation service that can help you eliminate potential “spam” type calls from your daily traffic.

Taking this one step further, Whitepages Pro now includes a component of risk and fraud management for your inbound calls. This service allows you filter out phone numbers that have previously been associated with fraudulent transactions so you can make accurate assessments about incoming calls in real time. The benefits of that are hard to miss – better serving of your customers, and protecting your brand’s reputation and profits.

While each application of the above information may be different and these numbers may or may not carry more risk for your business, it is important to understand that you can now access more phone robust data to help in making smarter business decisions.

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