Use Case Spotlight: Auto-Filling Forms With APIs

I am always excited to see the different use cases for our identity data. The conversations I have with our customers and prospects about how they’re using Whitepages Pro are the most fulfilling part of my job.

In that regard, I wanted to share a use case that I’m seeing become more and more prevalent—form fills, especially on mobile. That’s not surprising when you think about it. After all, typing is still one of the biggest pain points on mobile. App developers see their biggest drop-offs with sign-ups and order forms when it comes time for their users to fill in their information.

But this is exactly where Whitepages Pro can help. Let’s start with the sign-up form. Rather than asking the user to enter in all of their contact details, just ask for their phone number. With only a phone number, we can add the user’s Person and City/State details that are associated with their number.


After the phone number is entered, the app will do a Reverse Phone lookup using Whitepages Pro and add the Person, City/State details as seen in the example below:

Similarly, let’s say you are on an order form of an e-commerce app or website. You want to send a gift, but do not remember the physical address of the recipient. This is where Pro comes to the rescue.


After selecting the gift, you could type in something as simple as, ‘Bob Smith, Seattle, WA’.


And finally, by clicking “find” the app is performing a Find Person using Whitepages Pro. With this, it is easy to confirm the complete address, as seen below.


We are seeing these use cases being picked by many of our customers. Do they align with any of the needs for your application? Or do you have any other scenarios that come to mind? Email me at kshah[at]whitepages[dot]com to tell me more.

Want to learn more about our APIs? Check out our developer center to find out about our easy integration.

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