Use Case Spotlight: Address Normalization

Today’s use case spotlight is all about Address Normalization.

Are you part of an E-commerce company that receives billing and shipping addresses in several different formats? Various examples of this being: Street vs St, Court vs. Ct., Seattle, WA vs. 98101 or “1301 5th Ave 1600, Seattle, WA, 98101” vs “1301 5th Ave Ste # 1600”. The list goes on!

Most companies have a choice. You can either do all the work to normalize these addresses and decipher which of these are the same, or you can leave it to us. Using the Reverse Address APIs, you can input the address and we will return the normalized USPS recognized format.

Sample API query:

Below are excerpts of the API response with a normalized return address, latitude and longitude and few other address attributes.



Do you have any additional thoughts or suggestions? Where else could you use addresses normalization? Let me know – kshah [at] whitepages [dot] com

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