Top 3 Time & Money Saving Tips for Call Centers

Running a call center is hard work, but running a large-scale call center takes smart organization and efficiency in the extremes. Here’s a hypothetical that some of you might be familiar with. Say you’re responsible for 100 call center agents and you’re measured on their performance. That performance is likely broken down into three main components: revenue generation, agent cost-to-revenue ration and the cost of the call center system for those agents.

For anyone out there who’s looking to improve those three key metrics, Whitepages Pro can help. Let’s take a moment and walk through the top three time- and money-saving benefits that Pro data has to offer:

  1. Screen Pops. Perform reverse phone lookups on unknown incoming calls with our caller ID capabilities. With our Pro API, your call center software can be configured to automatically pop and display important information like the name, address, age, gender and more on incoming numbers. Imagine how much time that would that save your agents and how nice it would be to remove typos for good?
  1. Filter Spam and Fraud. Our industry-leading Phone Reputation solution warns you when you’re receiving unwanted calls. Some Call Centers see 30% or more of their total incoming calls as unwanted spam or flat out malicious scams. Filter them out with Phone Reputation and save your employees the time and trouble of dealing with them.
  1. Identify and Prioritize Phone Numbers in the Call Queue. Use Whitepages Pro Phone Intelligence and Caller Identification to tune your call routing rules to the campaign you’re currently running.

With Phone Intelligence, you get data on:

  • Carrier
  • Line type
  • Whether or not the number registered on the National Do Not Call Registry.
  • If it’s a mobile number
  • If it’s a prepaid
  • Level of spam or risk associated with it

With Caller Identification, you get everything in Phone Intelligence plus key factors like:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Age of the caller

Now imagine you’re selling life insurance. Would you be more interested in a number that’s from a prepaid cell phone used by an 18- to 25-year-old? Or a landline, from a single-family dwelling, registered on the DNC list and aged 45-50? I’d go with the latter.

For more information about how to implement Whitepages Pro data in your call center, request a data demo and let us tell you more about how we can help your business.



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