Inbound calls are the Holy Grail of consumer engagement for marketers and advertisers, and for good reason. Because if they’re calling you, they’re definitely interested in what you’ve got to offer! Your marketing got them interested; they’re “in market”, so don’t blow it.

There are several trends that point to an increase of inbound call volumes. How are you preparing to optimize your customer engagement so you can handle the higher volumes and close more customers?

Trends Driving the Increase in Calls

Adoption of Smartphones – eMarketer estimates smartphone users in the US to increase from 184M in 2015 to over 220M in 2018, an increase of nearly 20%. Benedict Evans called it the “New Sun” with “2bn smartphones in use, and there are between 3.5 and 4.5bn people with a mobile phone of some kind, out of only a little over 5bn adults on earth.” Enough said!

Mobile Searches – In May of this year, Google made it official; Mobile search queries have overtaken desktop queries in the US. Consumers are using their mobile devices as their primary resource for online search. The opportunity to generate an inbound call from a mobile device is vastly greater than on a desktop platform and advertisers who can leverage this engagement will gain an advantage.

Click-to-Call/Call Tracking Technologies – There has been remarkable growth in products and services that help marketers with click-to-call attribution and delivery of calls into call centers. Call tracking services are easy to implement and provide great visibility into the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. And it’s frictionless for the consumers; search, click, and connect with a business all within seconds. That’s powerful!

Buying Calls, Not Just Data – As more independent marketers and lead generation companies capitalize on the above trends; a robust market has developed for buying calls instead of data leads. It makes sense; customer contact is almost guaranteed without the resources and complexity of outbound lead qualification, appending, and dialing.

Data Insights – When an inbound call is made, it’s likely the caller has done their research on you. But what do you know about them? How do you optimize for consumer engagement success when you aren’t in the know? You guessed it, data baby! There are real-time capabilities to confirm identity and present consumer name, address, demographics, and other valuable data insights before you even pick up the phone.

Now we know why the calls are increasing, what are you going to do about it?

These trends represent not only an immediate opportunity, but a permanent shift in how consumers want to engage. So come on, let’s capitalize on the opportunity and get prepared to own those incoming calls and close more customers with data insights. Consider the following:

1. Minimize Friction – Everyone hates friction in their customer experiences, we don’t want to have to reconfirm information six times over. Having the ability to simply confirm data elements, such as name and address, improves the lead build-out time, reduces keystroke errors, and places the consumer and agent into a substantive sales or service discussion much faster. And we all like to get what we want quickly.

2. Present the Right Product – Having insights into the caller can help with presenting the right product choice the first time. Giving them information and an experience that is more tailored to their needs either through a systematic process or agent awareness and training, can only work in your favor.

3. Prioritize Calls – Data can be used to prioritize call events so that callers are matched with agents who are most likely to generate the desired business outcome. High-value callers are routed to the top converting agents, and calls from numbers that are associated with spam or fraudulent activity are sent to low-priority processes or disregarded all together. As a result, resources are always optimized to deliver the right sales and service levels.

Need help getting started?

Whitepages Pro specializes in providing real-time caller identity and verification solutions. With the most expansive insights available into mobile and landline numbers, Whitepages can provide unparalleled caller match rates so you can make smart handling decisions and drive effective sales outcomes. Talk with a representative today to learn how Whitepages Pro data can help your company take advantage of these trends and grow your business!

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