The Power of Partnership: Integrating With Accertify

Here at Whitepages Pro, we take great pride in on our business partnerships. On the e-commerce level, we continue to find an exceptional partner in Accertify. Known as a leading provider of fraud prevention, chargeback management and payment gateway solutions, Accertify works with Pro to help merchants manage their manual review process. We’ll look at this partnership and share three reasons why Pro and Accertify make such a great pair.


  1. Full Integration

Accertify’s best-in-class e-commerce fraud platform makes Whitepages Pro excited to be a fully integrated Gold Service Provider. Pro complements Accertify’s fraud detection capabilities with technology that allows you to clear good orders faster and make your manual review process even more efficient.


  1. Easy to Get Started

All it takes is one quick call to your Accertify account manager, and you’ll be up and running with a Pro data test. Pro products are fully integrated with Interceptas, and for a limited time, there are no fees for integrating a third-party callout to Pro data.


  1. Strong Sharing Community

Accertify creates a strong network of online merchants who gather annually at the Accertify User Conference. As a sponsor, we’ll be at this year’s meeting in Orlando, Florida ready to learn and tell others about how Pro can help their business. At the event, merchants will readily present case studies, and discuss issues with their peers and their Accertify account manager. We’re looking forward to hearing more about what merchants need to succeed in the online world and then taking that knowledge home to better our existing products or create new ones from scratch.


If you’re looking to learn more about Pro’s e-commerce offerings, start with Identity Check for Web. Take a look and discover how Identity Check can shorten your manual review process, boost your team’s efficiency and improve your customers’ experience. Watch our latest video to hear more about our products.

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