TCPA Solutions for a Post-Landline World

I got an automated message on my phone today. It was from my pharmacy letting me know a prescription is ready. I like that. It’s good for my pharmacy and good for me.
Unfortunately, automated messages are getting harder and harder for companies to deliver.  I’m sure my pharmacy captured an opt-in at some point and clearly has an existing business relationship (EBR) with me, but what about other companies that want to leverage this highly effective touchpoint?  Has the recent legislation regarding automated dialing caused companies to be too conservative?
Back when the new TCPA regulations came out in late 2013, calls with automated systems were taboo. The typical and easy solution was to simply filter wireless phones from your auto-dialer. This worked well enough, as most people still had a landline phone. However, in a mere two years the percentage of adults living in wireless-only households has increased from 39.1% to 47.7%.  It’s even more dramatic for millennials: by late 2015 a whopping 72.6% of 25-29 year olds were living in a wireless-only household according to CDC data. How will that “easy” solution continue to be effective when landlines continue to become obsolete?

Today, filtering out wireless phones is throwing out the baby with the bath water. You need to meet your customers where they are. For me, that means automated text messages on my smartphone.
It’s not quite so simple as just getting an opt-in for SMS notifications, however. To ensure right-party contact in a world where phones can be re-assigned at any time, and where the prevalence of family plans means the phone subscriber may have a different name than the person with the phone in their pocket, you need a rich identity solution.
Thankfully, there is help out there! Whitepages Pro offers powerful data solutions across all aspects of TCPA compliance, leveraging the industry’s most granular and up-to-date line type information as well as leading coverage of phone subscriber and household information. Contact Pro Sales today to learn how we can help you ensure compliance and better serve your customers.

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