My Takeaway From Magento Imagine Commerce

Last week, Whitepages Pro had the chance to experience its first Magento conference. The 2015 Magento Imagine Commerce took place in Las Vegas with over 2,400 online merchants and solution providers in attendance. The conference celebrated the unique way that our partner, Magento has opened up e-commerce to retailers of all shapes and sizes in all sorts of global markets. But my main takeaway was a little more narrowed. I just couldn’t get over the number of extensions that companies offer Magento users.


More extensions than you know what to do with…

The number of businesses offering extensions in the Magento connect universe is dizzying. Just a reminder, extensions allow merchants to plug and play with various functionalities within the basic Magento platform—whether they’re enhancing the shopping experience of their consumers or improving their own operational efficiencies. Usually relying on the systems integrators who assist in building the Magento website, merchants need advice to navigate the thousands of potential extensions they might utilize.

The extension you really need – Whitepages Pro

We’ll save you the trouble of asking your integrator and tell you about the Whitepages Pro-Magento extension. The Pro extension provides services to e-commerce companies who have specific needs for address or identity verification after authentication but prior to shipping. The benefit of working with Whitepages Pro through the Magento extension is simple: e-commerce companies can prevent the shipment of products to fraudsters or wrong addresses simply by using our data to verify these orders before shipping. Merchants using Pro have been able to reduce their fraud and chargebacks by 25% or more when using it to provide additional scrutiny to transactions that were flagged as suspicious.

Want to learn more about our e-commerce offerings? Take a look at Identity Check!



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