Solutions That Produce Quicker & More Accurate Results

A top concern for fraud managers in the e-commerce world is the speed and accuracy of reviewing online orders. Your fraud analysts are smart (that’s why you hired them!). They identify patterns, put themselves in the shoes of fraudsters and are incredibly resourceful.

If your analysts are utilizing many web-based resources, the order review process can be very time consuming. Analysts spend a median time of four minutes* deciding to accept or reject an order. This review often includes visiting, 411, Google Maps, Facebook, LinkedIn and a variety of similar sites. Each of these tools requires copying and pasting information about the consumer and searching through these multiple sites until the agent has confidence to approve or reject the transaction.

Whitepages Pro solutions help save analysts time by consolidating most of these searches into one tool. Identity Check verifies name, phone, address, and validation of email and IP address in one query. With hyperlink, this can be performed directly from many fraud platforms.

How can you verify identities with just one click?

Accertify’s Interceptas Platform includes a review hyperlink capability to Whitepages Pro’s Identity Check that completely eliminates copying and pasting. What we are hearing from our customers who use this tool for manual review is that they experienced a significant reduction in time spent because of its ability to auto-populate their search with multiple fields.**

This review hyperlink is the key to reducing your analysts’ review time while increasing their accuracy. This is a powerful combination! The ultimate result? Etailers can quickly clear more good orders and boost revenue. To learn more about Identity Check and how to integrate it with your fraud platform, please head to our Identity Solutions page.


*MRC Global Fraud Benchmarking Study 2014, Q26 p. 22 (see below for graphic)
** Direct feedback from Whitepages clients.

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