Smart Use Cases & the Whitepages Pro Winner at AT&T Hackathon

Last week, I filled you in on Whitepages Pro’s involvement at the AT&T Developer Summit and Hackathon. It was a blast and from it I identified the new developer trends to watch for in 2015. As always, I was blown away by all of the smart, highly motivated developers who were there to leverage the latest in technology to create some really cool and sometimes hilarious apps.

The best part was working with the different hackathon teams to integrate Whitepages Pro APIs and Identity Data Solutions into their apps. We challenged them to come up with something really cool and they rose to the occasion to wow us. I’ll tell you who we crowned the winner, but first let’s take you through our other favorite apps and their use cases for Pro identity data.

Brake Down – The team from Slalom built Smart Cars that can perform diagnostics on the car’s overall health. Whitepages Pro’s Business APIs can be used to find the closest auto repair shops, then connect with them and finally send the repair shop data of the car’s issues to get the car owner a quick estimate.

Sittr – From babysitting to pet sitting, you always want to know that you can trust the person who is going to take care of your loved ones. Whitepages Pro Identity Solutions helped check the person’s application to verify that all the information provided by the individual is accurate.

Home Harmony – From Smart Homes to Smart Watches, this is self-monitoring age. This app collects all the vitals for senior citizens and in case of falls, will contact police and fire departments. Whitepages Pro Identity Data Solutions can be used to send the necessary information, including the resident’s addresses and contact numbers for a quick response. Now, that’s a smarter 911!

My Closet – Consider this a concierge service that helps you shop. Whitepages Pro Person APIs can be used to retrieve demographics, location and other interests of the individual to suggest appropriate clothing.

Seamless – This app stood out for its cool use case of WebRTC and other sensory technology. It’s made to tell you who is in a meeting room and what equipment is where. Whitepages Pro Identity Data Solutions were used to get more context on the participants in the meeting.

Travel Buddy – Looking for places of interest at a new location? Travel Buddy is designed to help you with that. Whitepages Pro Business APIs were used for finding restaurants and points of interests around the user’s location.

Face Plan – A few of the AT&T employees built facial recognition on smart phones for unlocking cars. Whitepages Pro APIs can be used to do a Reverse Phone lookup to get the identity of the person in case of an unsuccessful attempt.

Option3: This is best described as hyperlocal Tinder. Whitepages Pro Identity Solutions can be used to confirm the identities of the parties before they meet.

And last but certainly not least, the winner of the Whitepages Pro API Challenge is…

FamJam – The team from Alcatel Lucent created a parental control app for phones.

Here’s the use case: Minors constantly get calls from fraudsters that should ideally be blocked. Or in the case of senior citizen caretakers, maybe they would like to be part of the phone conversation with their loved one and his or her doctor. This team’s solution was to make an effective parental control for incoming phone calls.

With the FamJam app, adults can be notified about incoming calls to their kids and elderly loved ones. Whitepages Pro was used for Caller ID Solutions to know who is really on the other line. Using this piece of technology to intercept calls and then perform a reverse phone lookup via Whitepages Pro is great. Even cooler was the fact that these guys leveraged the spam score associated with the incoming call to decide whether or not they wanted to block the call. Take for example a telemarketer selling generic/fake medication. Whitepages Pro would recognize this as a spam call because of its high spam score (scores are given on a scale of 0 to 100; the higher the score, the higher the likelihood that it’s spam).

Everyone from Whitepages Pro was highly impressed by the use case and the team’s execution. We were more than happy to crown FamJam the winner for most unique app and award them with our $2500 prize. But we weren’t the only ones who liked their app! FamJam was also one of the winners of AT&T Accelerator prizes. Congratulations team! We look forward to working with you.

So what do you think? Are there any other interesting use cases of Whitepages Pro data? Let me know at kshah [at] whitepages [dot] com.

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