Real-time Identity Verification with Identity Check

The Whitepages Pro product and data teams are constantly pushing innovation to provide global identity verification solutions at sub-second speeds, so today’s online merchants, lenders, and payment providers can increase revenues by improving customer approvals, and lower costs by reducing fraud. Identity verification solutions can be complicated and we are often asked which ones and what data provides the best results for our customers. Here at Pro we carefully understand the customer needs, recommend the appropriate solution, diligently test it, and provide a personal analysis; providing at minimum a 10x ROI for our customers. One of our best performing and the most customer retained solutions is our flagship identity verification product, Whitepages Pro Identity Check. This solution provides:

  • 5 searches in a single click/call
  • returns up to seven match statuses between a person and their email, phone and address for both a primary and secondary set of input
  • provides 70+ data signals with both positive and negative indicators,
  • and leverages our proprietary Identity Network to return a unique Confidence Score.

We do this by applying pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and machine learning to the five core consumer data attributes of email, phone, name, physical address, and IP. If it sounds robust, it’s because it is and the data and insights we provide are unique and actionable at both ends of the spectrum. Only Whitepages Pro Identity Check can provide the breadth of quality data, depth of network insights and sophisticated data science to deliver, in fractions of a second, an accurate indicator of customer identity risk. To help illustrate this we recently launched a new video. Want your own free ROI analysis? Contact us here.

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