We’re often asked about our data… how we source it, how we measure accuracy, and how often it’s updated. After tackling these, answers to many of which can be found here, the conversation boils down to the fundamental issue: all of this great data is available, but so what? Even a merchant armed with the best data may not be getting the greatest value out of it if they’re not modeling their order flow to reduce fraud and customer insult. With Identity Check, merchants are able to use 5-queries-in-1 with associated metadata to verify identities, assess risk, and reduce checkout friction.

Clients like,, and Radial use Whitepages Pro Identity Check to reduce review times and improve customer satisfaction by getting good orders out the door up to 50% faster. Positive signals, like matching data points, email first seen date, and established phone numbers, allow agents to confidently and quickly approve good orders. Identity Check also flags risk signals, including proxy IPs, invalid phone numbers, and data mismatches on the transaction. When combined, the data points provided help to reduce the overall manual review queue and speed-to-clear the good orders that are caught in review.

So back to the “so what.” To put an ROI behind our data, the Pro engineering team partners with merchants during the API testing process to help write rules based on current order trends. Leveraging known risk signals and positive indicators helps ensure data value in both the automated and manual queues. A recent CyberSource Survey* found that eCommerce businesses eventually accept 82% of the orders that are sent into review. For many merchants, reducing that percentage and speeding up the orders in review is much more than so what – it’s improved employee morale, happier customers, and ultimately, a boost in revenue.

To learn more about how Whitepages Pro can help you answer your own so what, check out a free demo of Identity Check.


*CyberSource 2016 Annual Fraud Benchmark Report: North America

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