Now Announcing Identity Check for Web

From selling products to hunting down leads, you do the majority of your business online. What you need is a faster, more accurate way to verify the identities of your customers and prospects. That’s why today we’re introducing Whitepages Pro Identity Check for Web. Existing users can access it now from the Pro Web Search page.

Previously only available via API, Identity Check for Web is the fastest and most accurate identity verification service available. Before Identity Check, your employees had to visit multiple places to validate individual pieces of consumer info. Identity Check for Web consolidates that process into one place, delivering real-time results and maximizing operational efficiency. Use it to prioritize transactions, reduce risk and streamline your workflow.

How it works

Identity Check for Web verifies a variety of phone, address and email fields. Simply enter in the consumer information you wish to verify, and you’ll receive a single result of “Passed” or “Warning Triggered” as well as a breakdown of results across multiple data elements. Results indicate:

  1. Whether the phone, person and addresses provided are connected
  2. If the address is valid and receiving mail
  3. Email intelligence attributes, including whether the email address is known in our database
  4. IP intelligence, including its location and whether or not it’s a proxy server

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Identity Check helps your business

Ideal for a number of industries, Identity Check for Web is best suited for small to midsized businesses looking to verify consumer identities. The same information can also be scaled to enterprise levels with the Identity Check API. Use it for prioritizing leads or processing financial services applications. But when it comes to manual reviews, our research shows that Identity Check reduces the typical manual review from 150-180 seconds to under a minute, making it an invaluable timesaver for e-commerce companies.

No matter why you’re using Identity Check, you’ll find it’s a tool that is:

  • Flexible: Our easy-to-understand results enable businesses to drive efficiencies across multiple processes without the need for installation or developer resources.
  • Immediate: Small and mid-sized businesses can quickly verify customer contact information with real-time results.
  • Insightful: Based on Whitepages’ robust data records, the results from Identity Check for Web provides both a verification score on the consumer’s identity as well as a breakdown of results across multiple data elements.

Want to learn more about Identity Check? Read our data sheet or contact us at with any questions on how to access and use Identity Check.

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