Now Access Lead Verify API Directly within ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit

The Whitepages Pro team is excited to announce that Lead Verify API is now available as an integration within ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit.

LeadConduit, ActiveProspect’s real-time data integration hub, captures, filters, and routes leads to mission critical sales and marketing systems, automating complex lead processing and delivery tasks into a series of steps called a flow. As of today, Whitepages Pro data can now be added to a flow as a step, turning a LeadConduit flow into a real-time data enrichment and decisioning engine for leads.

By using Lead Verify API data in LeadConduit flows, direct-response marketers and lead buyers can quickly gather data to assess lead quality and determine if a lead is real and worth advancing in addition to appending missing or out-of-date data.

Lead Verify appends data like address, phone number, demographic details, and more directly within LeadConduit to automate lead rejection for leads that do not contain required fields, prevent unqualified leads from entering marketing campaigns, or deliver leads to specific marketing systems or campaigns based on customizable rules.

With the release of this integration, Whitepages Pro continues to deliver solutions to modern-day marketers by providing industry-leading data available through the marketing technology platforms that they use. Accurate identification of prospects and customers allows marketers to better target and communicate in a scalable way.

Lead Verify API joins three existing Whitepages Pro products currently available as integrations within LeadConduit, including:

Caller Identification
Identify in real-time an unknown caller’s name, demographics, address, and more.
Phone Intelligence
Quickly assess a lead using phone data like line-type, carrier, and is-connected, and more.
Address Validation
Validate and normalize address information.

To learn more about Whitepages Pro data within ActiveProspect’s LeadConduit, visit the ActiveProspect integration page or contact our Sales team.

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