The New Hidden Gem in Marketing Campaigns: Inbound Calls Are on the Rise

If you are a believer in digital marketing then you understand that the inbound phone call is becoming an important channel for advertisers again. Inbound calling is growing at a meteoric rate and the number of inbound calls generated by campaigns is expected to be over 70 billion by 2018.


At Whitepages Pro, I get to speak to some large direct-to-consumer brands on a daily basis. I’ve learned that by now, most of these brands have made the advertising shift to inbound methods of attracting consumers who are searching for products and then getting them to call the company directly.  Also, as traffic continues to grow from mobile devices, it is becoming more efficient for advertisers to field inbound callers from a contact center rather than trying to get a consumer to fill out a lead form and attempting to call them at a later time.


With all of this new inbound call activity, Whitepages Pro can tell you about your customers by providing tools to help you analyze the phone line types from your customers’ inbound calls.


The Hidden Gem: Phone line type:


Advertisers can perform analysis on phone line types that can convert the best leads based on certain campaigns or customer markets.  If an advertiser sees a 50% or 100% better conversion rate then they should ignore certain line types and shift their resources to the higher converting types.


The categories in phone line type are mobile, landline, non-fixed VoIP, and premium numbers, 800, 900, etc. For a lot of marketers, they will prioritize very high on mobile and landline, and assign a much lower priority to everything else. As call wait times begin to stack up in peak times or the upcoming holiday periods, marketers can easily focus on phone types that are proven to convert at a higher rate and place a lower priority on ones that do not perform as well.


Non-fixed VoiP numbers are growing at a considerable pace and are commonly associated with “spoofing” or lead fraud and should be flagged. These numbers are not tied to any physical locations or billing addresses so not only are they poor performing calls, they are potentially risky transactions that should be avoided.


How to get rid of nuisance calls:


In addition to providing the best reverse-phone coverage for identifying calls, phone line type, and other metadata points, Whitepages Pro offers products that feature through a service called Spam Score, which is generating a lot of buzz in the call tracking industry.


Spam Score indicates the likelihood that a phone number is associated with a nuisance caller. Whitepages Pro is able to identify spam calls because we are tracking close to 5 billion calls per month. We can help you recognize and screen out those unproductive calls.


Learn more about Whitepages Pro and discover the difference we can make in your business.

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