MCommerce revenue is predicted to hit $415 billion in 2016. The use of smartphones for B2C transactions has grown exponentially, and it’s been amazing to see mobile’s growing role in the percentage of card-not-present (CNP) transactions. Unfortunately, a growing number of mobile transactions has shown a larger number of fraud via phone. Mobile identity data has become a must for successful retailers to streamline their order and fraud prevention processes.

Merchants, platforms, vendors, and networks have come together to support each other and combat this growing problem. “The MRC Merchant Spotlight recognizes extraordinary eCommerce merchant members making significant contributions to the industry, utilizing innovative processes, experiencing high sales volume and maintaining a low fraud rate among other accolades.” Recently, two of our customers have come into the Merchant Spotlight to expand on their success:

What fraud prevention processes do you have in place that protect against fraud, account takeovers, chargebacks, etc.?


“Under Armour has aligned itself with the most trusted brand protection forces in the industry. We value our partnerships with Accertify as our eCommerce fraud prevention platform, Whitepages Pro as our data validation service, and the MRC as our fraud network. We have adopted the practice of proactively reaching out to victim cardholders to alert them to suspected fraud. We pride ourselves on alerting the consumer before their bank. It’s the right practice for our brand as we take the security of our customers more seriously than sports apparel. Our fraud team takes point on the manual review of orders and maintains ownership of resolving chargebacks. When researching disputes our team uses data across multiple purchase funnels, customer interactions, and behavior patterns to determine the validity of the dispute. These data points roll into our KPI’s. We are a KPI driven brand, constantly evaluating our KPI’s and believe in “knowing our numbers.” Our number one asset is our team. We have built a team that we believe is the gold standard in eCommerce fraud prevention. A team built with a focus on a global vision, brand protection, intellectual honesty, “married to data,” unmatched patience, and a passion for story-telling.”


“We use dedicated fraud mitigation tools and different levels of search/verification services. We utilize a variety of systems (i.e., reliable services that validate information for a value oriented rate, as well as more thorough tools that provide on-demand searches at a slightly higher price.)…

To prevent fraud, friendly fraud and unfounded customer complaints, we almost always supply supporting information (e.g., customer service notes and photos, social network information and public information from search tools).”

Dynamic identity data has become a must for fraud prevention and order processing of successful eCommerce retailers. Verify and assess your incoming orders and account sign-ups with Whitepages Pro Identity Check™. It takes your customer input data, such as name, addresses, phone, email, and IP information, and intelligently matches those data attributes in real-time, to provide a clearer picture of who is behind the order. Try Identity Check™ to automatically clear good orders, reduce the number of flagged orders, and reduce time spent on manual fraud reviews

*Excerpt from MRC’s February Merchant Spotlight: Under Armour.
**Excerpt from MRC’s December Merchant Spotlight: TireBuyer.

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