Maximize the Impact of Your Fundraising Efforts by Keeping Contact Data Fresh

Whether you work for a university, a hospital, or a non-profit of any kind, the lifeblood of your organization is raising money from donors. Fundraising is fundamentally about acquiring new donors and renewing those that already give. This sounds like a simple formula, but a lot can go wrong given that these people aren’t always proactively sending in gifts, but need to be constantly reminded and asked for their contributions.


Donors on the Move

People move, people change phone numbers, which all contribute to the main problem: Donors fall out of contact with your organization all the time. Ideally these people would proactively update their contact information when they move, or change their phone numbers. Realistically though, the bank, insurance company, and about 15 other entities are probably more top of mind than the organizations they give to.

The average person moves every 18 months, so with some level of regularity you should be checking your mailing lists to ensure that addresses are still up to date. People frequently change phone numbers when they move jobs, meaning you never know when you may be calling a wrong number. The result to these mistakes mean you take a hit on productivity and lose time contacting donors who can actually make a difference to your organization.

How to Stay in Touch

Fortunately, there are ways to avoid losing touch with donors. Whitepages Pro allows you to search by person, address or phone number to validate that the information is still fresh, or update your contact’s information if it has changed recently. Several development departments have started using our API to build business rules that automatically look up contact data and refresh it to its most current listing. Other organizations use our Web interface to look up donor information in real time while they’re doing a fundraising drive. And because we have data on 100% of U.S. phone numbers (both landline and mobile) your organization gets the details its needs to reach donors.

Contact us today to talk about how we can help you keep your donor list fresh to maximize your next fundraising drive.

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