Lead Sellers- Build a Better Business with Dynamic Identity Data

Great quality leads.  It’s the goal and the challenge of every aggregator and lead generation company.  Anyone familiar with the business of lead generation knows the difficulty in consistently delivering high-quality leads.  On the surface, leads are pretty simple.  They’re merely a collection of name and contact data gathered during a consumer’s expression of interest for a product or service.  That’s it.  With that said, it’s pretty remarkable how often lead form data can fall short of being valuable and actionable.

Imperfect data can impact your organization in many negative ways. Whether the causes are purely innocent, like an entry error by a hurried consumer, or more calculated, such as fraud in one of your lead streams.  Leads that are sold with unreliable data will affect your bottom line and erode confidence in your buyer relationships.

So, what does good data do for you?  The benefits are plenty and they stem from great contact rates.  Above any other validity check, leads with verified contact data and have known associations with the name on the lead; are worth their weight in gold.  Take measures to accurately verify and append your lead data and you will enjoy more revenue and better buyer relationships.

Here are some benefits you can realize with better data;

Improved Revenue

Are you using a dynamic bidding model to manage your lead distribution?  Do your buyers set pricing based on the value of lead attributes?  Nothing is more valuable to a lead buyer than successfully engaging with the consumer and adding contact confidence can help command a premium price for your leads.

Buyer Selection and Satisfaction

We all have customers that demand a special degree of attention and keeping them satisfied is important to forming long-term, high-value relationships.  Leads that have a higher likelihood of being contacted will keep your buyers coming back for more!

Protection from Fraud

Fraud…it can creep up on you.  Protecting yourself from fraud events by using IP verification and ensuring that contact information is not just valid, but connected to the name on the lead, is great insurance for maintaining high-quality standards.

Less Form Friction, Improve Mobile Engagement

Consumer behavior continues to shift rapidly as more and more people choose mobile as their preferred method for engagement.  Ever try to fill out a full lead form on your mobile device?  Yeah, it’s not fun.  Data can help prepopulate fields for the consumer to confirm, or it can be added to a short form to build it out completely, thereby creating a more valuable lead.  Same rule applies for reducing friction on your desktop forms, too!

Return Management

Reasons for lead returns can run the gamut and can often times be subjective.  Variances exist between buyer lead dispositions and these reasons can be system or agent generated. Sellers can remove a lot of ambiguity by having deeper insight into how the lead elements are connected.  For example, a lead returned for “bad contact information” could be scrutinized when the seller knows that the contact data is valid, connected, and associated with the name on the lead record.  Sellers can debate on the value of rejecting returns, but monitoring return patterns for validity can easily indicate the buyers who represent more valuable partners in the long-term.

Selling high quality leads just got easier, with dynamic identity data for lead verification.  Whitepages Pro® Lead Verify APIs offer real time validation to determine if the lead data is good, a real person and can be contacted.  Selling quality leads just got easier.

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