Lead Buyers- Improve ROI & Customer Experience with Dynamic Identity Data

Lead buying.  Sounds so simple, right?  Well, for anyone who has ever tried to navigate this activity, you know the difficulty inherent in successful lead buying.  Short forms, long forms, acquisition methods, incentivized, exclusive, shared, batch, real-time…and the list goes on.  If there is any discipline in Lead Generation that has an incredible share of complexities to manage, it’s lead buying.  Buyers need to be both cautious and skilled as they invest company capital into leads that must generate a positive ROI.

Buying the lead is only half the challenge.  Once the purchase investment is made, more investment needs to occur to create the next step in the sales cycle; the contact.  Chances are pretty good that you’ll never sell anyone you can’t make contact with, so this part of the process is paramount to creating any meaningful success.  Without it, you lose.   Resources are often immediately deployed in this effort to make contact by assignment to agents, dialing campaigns, email drips, and direct mail.  The costs of executing and managing such outreach can be so expensive that many companies may even enlist the services of a third party to manage the initial contact for them…not a bad option!

Regardless of the process for follow up, in-house or third party, steps can be taken to ensure that costly effort is not wasted.  We know that not all leads are created equal.  Some leads have much more accurate and reliable contact data than others.  Calls to numbers that are invalid or disconnected will definitely not lead you to the success you’re looking for.  Similarly, calls to numbers that are valid and connected but not associated to the name on the lead won’t create your desired outcomes, either.

Do you know if you are spending resources buying and calling the right leads?  Using a lead verification and append solution can help you make the right buying decisions, contact more leads, and realize a greater ROI.  Here are other benefits that dynamic identity data can provide;

Buy Smarter. More Contacts, More Sales, Less Returns

Spend money on leads that have a high contact probability.  If contact data is invalid or does not match the consumer, move on.  Buy smart, contact more leads, and make more sales.  And managing returns?  That process is simplified by not taking in bad leads in the first place!

Prioritize Contact Efforts

Some leads are better than others and you should call them first!  Lead verification can provide insight into the leads that are most likely to be contacted and help you understand where your resources are best spent.

Multi-Channel Response

Increase your response efforts by confidently reaching out via several contact methods; phone, email, and direct mail.  Knowing that contact information is tied to the name on the lead will provide you with more options to create a valuable engagement.

Append and Save Money

Short forms can be a great option to take in a lot of leads for a lower price.  Appending data to these forms can provide you with contact confidence and save you a lot of money!  Are you generating your own leads online?  If so, solutions exist to use real time data during form submission to reduce friction and convert more traffic.

Stay Compliant

Data can keep you celebrating in the boardroom and out of the courtroom!  Protect yourself from DNC and TCPA violations with industry leading mobile identity data and phone intelligence.

Buying and converting good leads just got easier.  Dynamic identity data for lead verification provides the validation you need to confirm a lead is a real person, can be contacted, and improve routing and prioritization with demographics.  Learn more about Whitepages Pro Lead Verify and Append API and how it can help lead buyers capitalize and convert.

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