Top Three International Retailer Reduces Fraud By Focusing On Their Customers Using Identity Check API

This multi-billion dollar global retailer may have retail operations in eight countries, but continuing to provide the family atmosphere for which it became famous is a top priority. This shows in their dedication to giving customers both the best possible price on high-quality merchandise, as well as a welcoming shopping experience that extends to their online sales.

Before implementing Whitepages Pro’s Identity Check API as part of their fraud platform in September of 2016, the fraud team was reviewing approximately 25% of online orders, which meant they didn’t have much time to give the exceptional customer service the company is known for. The 16-person fraud team needed a solution that would allow them to quickly flag fraudulent orders while seamlessly pushing good orders through.

The initial implementation was done over 24 hours, and since then working with Whitepages Pro has been a matter of maintaining the effectiveness by reviewing and tweaking rules. The flexibility to create rules that work with their specific customers and fraud trends has helped them reduce friction for legitimate orders while shutting out bad transactions.

The company’s Supervisor of Loss Prevention explains one instance in which Identity Check’s rules helped them crack down on fraud:

“Recently, we’ve been experiencing a type of fraud where they ship a product to the billing address, and the only red flag is that the email address doesn’t match the name of the person placing the orders. We began putting more weight on email validity on transactions from a certain department or shipping using a certain method. Being able to rely on that data and knowing it’s accurate is helpful for stopping specific fraud.”

“We don’t want to insult our customers and we don’t want to cancel legitimate orders, so we rely on as much data as we can to make sure our customer’s orders are going through successfully. Using Whitepages Pro API integration within our fraud platform lets us build rules to minimize risk and create a safe and successful shopping experience while keeping out bad transactions.”

For more information about Whitepages Pro Identity Check, watch our Identity Check video.

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