Increase Call Quality and Optimize Communication Apps with Tropo and Whitepages APIs

Whitepages Pro APIs help businesses improve their communications using data. When layering Whitepages Pro data APIs with complimentary communication APIs, you can quickly build powerful applications that optimize businesses processes with little code. This includes the Tropo’s communication platform. Tropo’s cloud API platform enables developers to embed real-time communications within their applications. In this post we will highlight several use cases for businesses using Tropo APIs, including improving inbound call quality and optimizing outbound communication channels.

Call spam, robodialers, and scammers cost businesses money. According to a 2014 ZDNet article, spam phone calls cost US small businesses $500 million dollars annually in lost productivity. This negative impact to productivity is in addition to poor customer experience from long wait times and a drag on agent morale from dealing with bad callers.

Businesses can reduce inbound spam calls and stop the associated negative impact to their business by combining Whitepages Pro Phone Reputation data with Tropo’s reject() method. Phone Reputation API returns a simple reputation score between 1 and 4; a level 4 number has a 97% likelihood of having engaged in spam or scam activity. Using the reputation score with Tropo’s reject() method allows you to reject the call, giving the caller a busy signal. To see sample code for building this workflow with Tropo and Whitepages Pro, visit the Tropo blog post. To get a free API trial key for Phone Reputation, visit our developer center.

In addition to optimizing your inbound call channel, Tropo and Whitepages Pro APIs can help to optimize your outbound communications as well. As mobile phones become the primary way people communicate, more businesses are expanding their communication channels to reach their audience, specifically text. According to SAP data, 64% of consumers think that businesses should converse with customers more often using SMS. Businesses are building communication applications to handle workflows like sending appointment reminders, dispatch notifications, and more at scale. These applications need a way to distinguish a mobile number that can handle text messages vs. VoIP or landlines that will need a voice message. Whitepages Pro data and Tropo APIs can solve for this use case. Our APIs can enable your application to:

Know if a number is active or not. Whitepages Pro Phone Intelligence provides phone details including line-type, carrier, pre-paid status, and whether or not it is connected. Tropo Session API call can be used to understand the connection status before moving on to the next step in process.

Pivot between a text or voice messaging depending on the line-type. Phone Intelligence also identifies 7 unique line types including mobile, fixed and non-fixed VoIP, landline, premium, toll-free, and voicemail service. The Tropo Session API call can be used to identify the line type and if mobile, send a text message. If it is a VoIP or landline phone, then it will call the number.

Leave a voice message. Tropo’s answering machine detection can determine if a call is answered by a human or machine recording, and then play the message as appropriate.
Visit the Tropo blog post to see sample code for the use cases outlined. To get a free API trial key for Phone Intelligence, visit our developer center.

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