Use Case Spotlight: Lead Verification, Append and Qualification

In our last use case spotlight we discussed how identity data can simplify the process of mobile and web based form fills for users. This post highlighted the ability of our data to reduce drop off rates and improve conversions.

Aside from simplifying the form fills process, another opportunity to leverage identity data is lead verification and appending. We recently wrote a post that goes deeper into the details of which Pro APIs you should integrate into your systems.

 Here are a few of well-known facts in the leads industry:

  1. Conversion rates will increase with fewer and less complex questions required on the form.
  2. Customers will enter false information to advance to the next step. These leads are generally useless, and a buyer wants to avoid such leads as much as possible

Both lead buyers and sellers in real estate, insurance, auto, mortgage, and a variety of other consumer industries lose billions of dollars every year due to bad, incorrect or incomplete leads.

This is where Whitepages Pro can help. Below are a few ways our data can help to both sellers and buyers verify leads and add additional, valuable information: 

Lead Sellers:

Imagine you have a website with an ad campaign and/or some other channels driving lead generation on your various forms. With the people that don’t drop off, the information is frequently incorrect or incomplete. Your goal is filter out the totally bogus leads, and to clean and append information to the others to generate the maximum number of quality leads to sell to your customers.

As an example: Let’s say you collect first name, last name and phone number.

With the Whitepages Pro Reverse Phone API you can check if the phone number is valid and belongs to the person who’s name was provided in the input.

A sample of the Reverse Phone API looks as follows: Identity-Data-use-case1

If instead of phone number you request their full name, and city/state.

You can do a Find Person search with city/state provided and we can provide their complete address along with any Landline or fixed VOIP phones that might belong to them. A sample Find Person API response of interest looks as follows:


Better yet, if you ask for full name, address and phone, you’ll have a lot of great information, but do all those data points match up and belong to a single person? Whitepages Pro Identity Check APIs can help. With a single query, you can input name, address, phone, email and even IP address to confirm they all match up. Here is a view of those checks in our web application. Of course this can be automated via our APIs to update in your lead database when the lead comes in.


Sample API query for the above:;billing_name=John%20Smith;billing_address_street_line_1=1243%2054th%20St;billing_address_city=seattle;billing_address_state_code=wa;billing_address_postal_code=98234;billing_phone=2065551234;ip_address=;;shipping_name=Sue%20Andrews;billing_address_street_line_1=567%20Elm%20St;shipping_address_city=seattle;shipping_address_state_code=wa;shipping_address_postal_code=98123

Lead Buyers:

Picture you are buying leads from multiple sources and see low conversion rates. The biggest issue is typically when you are provided with incorrect/invalid/incomplete information.

Another issue we commonly hear is that lead buyers have incomplete information. If you’ve purchased leads with only first name, last name and city/state, but to build up a direct response campaign you need the full address. Again Find Person APIs can help so you can get the mailing addresses of the people.

Lead Qualification is another common reason to work with Whitepages Pro data. I recently discussed lead qualification in a conversation surrounding lead qualification and prioritization for incoming calls. For lead buyers, the example we hear the most frequently is that many do not want to spend money on lower quality leads. To gauge quality, more analysis of the attributes associated with the person, their phone and address can help significantly.

For example, there is a real estate company selling million dollar homes. Is a lead with a prepaid cell phone high quality? Probably not. What if you’re selling pre-loaded debit instruments? Then they might be highly qualified. Here are some phone metadata attributes of interest from a sample API response:


For the high-end real estate company, what if the lead currently lives in a multi-unit building vs. a single family home?. All of the attributes we provide are:


Does this help? How are you buying or selling leads today? What are your top pain points? Let me know and we can brainstorm further on how we can help! kshah [at] whitepages [dot] com


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