Friction Rubs Merchants and Customers the Wrong Way

My name is Lindsey Wilcox and I just joined the eCommerce team here at Whitepages Pro®. I come from the merchant side of the industry after two years in eCommerce and digital operations at True Fabrications.  I am truly excited about the identity verification solutions that Whitepages Pro offers to the eCommerce market. They are unique and powerful.

As fraudsters get more and more creative with identity theft and account takeover, manual review rates are going up across the industry. According to CyberSource’s 2015 Fraud Benchmark Report, 27% of orders are flagged for manual review and of these, only 3% of those reviewed are actually fraudulent! So, what about the other 97%?

  • 12% of flagged orders are legitimate transactions but end up getting rejected, resulting in lost revenue
  • 85% are slowed down in manual review, opening up cancellations and insult windows to the customers

Through conversations with our diverse eCommerce customer base we’ve realized that fraud isn’t the real issues they face – rejecting and holding up good customers in a lengthy review queue is. With that issue in mind, our focus at Whitepages Pro is helping merchants find their good customers and get orders out the door faster. In essence, speed them to clear.  With Whitepages Pro Identity Check™, the 5-in-1 queries that are completed quickly provide a full identity profile by connecting the order’s phone, address(es), name, and email inputs, including email to name matching. Identity Check™ is available in an easy to use web portal or API, around which many retailers write rules to reduce their review queue altogether.

As merchants consider identity verification tools, efficiency, price, and reliability are the greatest decision factors. Our clients are open to sharing their success stories and have found that Whitepages Pro Identity Check™, which provides five completed searches via a Deep Link with a single click, saves money, time, and keeps their customers happy.  Our identity verification solutions reduce insult and give analysts the confidence they need to quickly approve good orders. Everybody wins!

Join us on Thursday February 25th, to hear from Vivid Seats to see how they utilize Whitepages Pro and iovation, a device recognition company, to better recognize legitimate orders and speed them to clear.

Want to look at the impacts of fraud on your business? Try the Whitepages Pro Fraud Calculator or check out our industry leading Identity Check™.

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