As Vivid Seats geared up for selling tickets for Beyoncé’s 2016 tour, Fraud Manager Dan D’Arco found himself asking a similar question as Beyoncé in the ‘90s.  Who will help me consolidate and optimize all of these fraud tools?  (Disclaimer: Not a direct quote from the Queen B.)

That is where Whitepages Pro® comes to the rescue with the 5-in-1 Identity Check™ API.  Identity Check will validate, verify and match name, phone, address, email address, and IP in real-time, and in one query!

Vivid Seats has a well-known reputation for being a prime source of tickets to live concerts, sports, and theater events worldwide.  To uphold this reputation, they have a great responsibility to keep their customers happy – not only by getting them their tickets in real-time, but by also making sure they aren’t letting fraud through.

Dan found himself coming up on two major events: the Super Bowl and Beyoncé’s 2016 tour. He knew that he and his team had minimal time to fulfill orders.  Gearing up, Dan decided he needed to reduce the number of tools available to his team and maximize the use of what really worked.  Whitepages Pro is what Vivid Seats chose as their identity verification tool, via Pro Web and via API.

One reason they chose Whitepages Pro – email intelligence.  Within Identity Check, they not only make sure the billing phone and billing address belongs to the customer, but also validates the email that is often times the delivery source of the tickets.  By checking the risk associated with the full identity (physical and digital) Dan and his team are able to make confident decisions to maintain their flawless reputation.

Listen to Dan D’Arco from Vivid Seats talk with Whitepages Pro and iovation about how he uses identity verification and device identification as two major players in his risk model.  If you have any questions, or would like to try our Identity Check, please reach out to me: Katie McGinn at

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