Five eCommerce Fraud Trends on the Rise

The threat of fraud is significant, persistent and ever-changing, and an unfortunate reality for online merchants trying to grow revenue. Sophisticated and organized fraudsters are patient enough to play the long game for a big score, smart enough to impersonate real customers or establish believable false identities with stolen data, and adaptable enough to change tactics as fraud management systems and practices evolve.

Playing cat and mouse with fraudsters is not just a game for merchants; it’s serious business. They must continuously juggle the need to satisfy customer expectations for quick, frictionless transactions while responding to changing threats.

In Whitepages Pro new infographic, we’ll look at some of the emerging trends in eCommerce fraud. You can stay ahead of the fraud curve by implementing a layered fraud prevention strategy that leverages solutions like Whitepages Pro Identity Check’s real-time data, machine learning, and network insights for the best global email, phone, person, address, and IP data available.

Also, check out our new eBook for an in-depth read on the Five Emerging eCommerce Fraud Threads.

Click the image below to download the infographic:

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