Fortify Your Data: Introducing New Enterprise Security Features: SSO, Concurrent Login Block, & IP Designated Access

One of our missions is to provide the industry’s leading mobile identity data through our Whitepages Identity Graph™ so businesses can make confident decisions. In order to protect and satisfy our customers, we focus on both the quality and security of our data. Today, we are pleased to announce three new product enhancements that make it easier for companies to implement, use, and manage Whitepages Pro users to fit their unique security requirements.


    1. Federated Login aka Single Sign On (SSO): With new single sign-on support, users can integrate with existing Okta, OneLogin, or other SAML-based login systems to use Whitepages Pro solutions with their existing work credentials. This ensures users easy access with their company logins and assists Enterprise IT with effectively managing permissions on various services.

We recently implemented this for one of our Fortune 100 banking clients that wanted to use the IDP initiated SAML format for SSO.  They’re very pleased with this new capability. Federated Login is the most secure way to limit employee access and reduce account management maintenance. With thousands of users, SSO is the only scalable and secure Enterprise solution available.

  1. Concurrent Login Block: To keep data use and access secure we require that each user have their own unique user account. This is very important for security and management at Enterprises that have multiple users, departments, and work environments. The enhancement ensures that a single user is only logged in and accessing the data from one device at a time.  This prevents the sharing of user accounts because users are automatically logged out if they login on another device.
  1. IP Designated Access: This great feature gives Enterprises the ability to designate which IP address they allow access to Whitepages Pro. This is an efficient and effective way to manage multiple users across various departments and organizations that have alternative work schedules and environments.  It keeps user access maintained, visible, and secure.

These latest enhancements are valuable additions to our already accurate, reliable, and now even more secure identity data solutions. To learn more about how to securely integrate the industry’s best identity data into your workflows and platforms contact us at 1-877-767-8052. Whitepages Pro will help your business manage risk and optimize your customers’ experiences.

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