Although e-commerce, mobile devices and the general trend of globalization has opened consumers up to many more experiences and possibilities in terms of purchasing, there’s an enduring market for products and services offered to people in a specific neighborhood, town or city. Those local ties continue to mean something to many, and leveraging them appropriately pays off for marketers. Effective localization of marketing collateral is crucial in this respect, as a misspelled name in an email or the wrong address printed on a locally delivered mailer will negate many of the positive effects of a local campaign.
With Whitepages Pro and our best-in-class database of personal data, you can target marketing on the local level with more confidence and realize better results. We offer extremely accurate information that can ensure the success of a localized marketing campaign. With access to current, accurate locational and identity data, marketing services providers can mitigate issues with inaccuracy in their efforts and get the right collateral to the right people in the right place.
Two Important Measures
Marketing site ClickZ recently presented a localized marketing strategy from Connecticut-based 3rd Act Marketing that helps marketers focusing on specific demographics and industries better direct their efforts.The article presented three major questions:
  1. How well is the category of service or product known?
  2. How frequently do customers purchase the product or service?
  3. How well is the business selling the product or service known?
With the answers to these three questions, marketing service providers can determine two important metrics from which they can target future campaigns. The two measures, brand development index and category development index, address two major vectors of marketing: How strongly the brand is recognized via the BDI, and how frequently consumers purchase and use the good or service in question for the CDI.
Determining placement in these categories influences how budget spend is dedicated to search and directory ads, branding opportunities and promotions and coupons. In general, low BDI means focusing on branding opportunities and marketing centered around awareness. High BDI means more focus on promotions and coupons. For the CDI, a low score means a focus on branding and informative content, while a higher one is aided by more promotional efforts. 3rd Act Marketing suggests a steady commitment to digital search and directory, no matter what.
A Shifting Landscape

Forbes suggested a major trend in local marketing during 2015 is the devaluation of marketing services based around a single strategy, such as email delivery. Marketing service providers that can offer many different avenues to reach local consumers, as well as an individualized strategy based on the position of a company and its products or services, are likely to realize more success. By adding our accurate, current identity and location information to their efforts, marketing service providers can further improve their position.

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