We’re always communicating with developers about our APIs, both to understand how we can improve them and to introduce our data to new people. This month we were a sponsor at Apps World in San Francisco and had the opportunity to talk to many people about something we’re passionate about… data.

While the team was at Apps World, Kushal Shah, one of our senior product managers spoke on a panel about managing APIs. On this panel, he was able to share insight into his learnings around API awareness and measurement. Watch the video of the panel on our Youtube channel to see what considerations should go into developing an API:

Just incase you didn’t catch it in the video…

1) Kushal thinks specifically about:

  • How to spread awareness of the API and the data
  • How to attract visitors to the website and provide a streamlined experience

2) Insights around improving the APIs come from:

  • What path are visitors taking on the site, including pages leading to exits or signups
  • Patterns in the first or last query a trial user submits

3) Improvements come from asking questions like:

  • Are we providing enough data on our endpoints?
  • Are developers using multiple APIs to get data we can provide with a single API?

Below, Kushal also provides tips on using forums and social sites to answer questions and bring in new users.

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