Designed for Developers: CallerID API & the Java Library

We like staying busy here at Whitepages Pro, but that’s a trait that most people appreciate. And if anyone knows what it’s like to be busy, it’s developers. Not too long ago, some rock-star developers who used our products wrote to us with insights on their use cases and clever feedback on how Pro could be even better. What they had to say got our creative juices flowing and since then we’ve been hard at work creating new APIs and resources that fill their needs. I’ll take you through the two most recent ones now.

Introducing the CallerID API

Currently, Whitepages Pro provides two APIs for retrieving phone information:

  1. Reverse Phone requests get you details on phone numbers, including who is calling, their location, names of other household members, and other data attributes like line type, carrier, spam score, and whether or not it’s a prepaid phone.
  2. Entity Retrieval requests allow you to recall and individual data Entity ID from our database. Using this API can get you the latest info on a phone number.

Members of our developer audience had the following feedback:

We don’t always want to know the name of every person in the household associated with the phone number. Can you give us something that finds the best person associated?

The Pro CallerID API addresses that. Here’s how it works: The API will return a single name and location associated with the phone number you query. We will find out who the best person associated with the phone is and provide their location with that response. The CallerID API is similar to our pre-existing Reverse Phone API with similar request parameters and the response structure with the exception only listing single entities in “belongs_to”and “associated_location.” You can also learn more by reading our Caller ID API documentation.

Want to see a sample CallerID API request? Use the link below and copy in your API key over “KEYVAL”:

Visit the Java Helper Library

The second developer-centric update we’re bringing you is the Java Helper Library for our Pro APIs. Our goal with this new resource is designed to reduce the integration work that goes into our APIs down to just a few lines of code. To help you get the hang of it, I’ve put together a short Q&A:

Where can I find it?

All the details about the Java Helper Library, including the download links and examples can be found here.

Why Java?

Java is one of the top languages for developers and Whitepages Pro customers. We’re starting there, but by no means ending with it.

What’s next?

More helper libraries! If you’re coding with a specific language and want a helper library prioritized for it, then let me know.

If you already have a wrapper library written in a specific language, then by all means, share it! We love hearing about the work individual developers have done with Pro and want to share it with the rest of the community. We’ll add it to the rest of the list we have going.

That’s it for now! But keep your feedback and suggestions coming. We’ll take everything into consideration and figure out the best possible solution to help with your use case. Email me at kshah [at] whitepages [dot] com.


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