#FeatureFriday: Add Deep Links & Search Identity Check Faster

We’ve all heard the old saying, “You get out of life what you put into it.” The same often holds true in business. The more thought and effort you put into a new process in your e-commerce workflow, the more success you can typically expect from it.

As a case in point, take Whitepages Pro. We provide great services to help e-commerce companies reduce their manual review time and control risk, but how much value this brings to your business depends in part on how tightly you integrate it into your systems.

With Pro Identity Check for Web, you get an easy way to start using Pro data in your e-commerce order reviews. No integration is necessary; all you need is a Web browser to access the fastest and most accurate identity verification service available. Identity Check for Web’s streamlined and efficient UI allows your manual review agents to reduce review times and make more informed decisions. However, the need to manually type in or copy/paste inputs adds time to reviews and introduces the possibility of data entry error.

Our Identity Check API on the other hand allows you to integrate Pro data directly into your order review system, so the agent needs to neither navigate to another website nor do any manual data entry. It does take time to plan and implement an API, which can be a barrier to setting up the solution you need quickly.

So what’s the solution?

We kept thinking, “Wouldn’t it be great if you could have both the efficiency and direct access of an API integration together with the ease-of-use and intuitive UI that Identity Check Web supports?” Well, we went ahead and made that happen because Identity Check for Web is now supporting deep links!

Deep links are a way to access information normally hidden within a company’s database. For Pro, this means the ability to directly access Identity Check for Web’s results, and any other Pro Web results, simply by clicking a link. There’s no need to fill out any search forms.

How does it work?

Pro Web products allow you to include input parameters in the URL. Instead of going to the website and typing a name, address, phone and email into the search form, you can create a URL containing these input parameters and open that up directly. Your development team can easily create URLs like this for all of your e-commerce orders and include them in hyperlinks on your review screen. With only a couple lines of code, your agents will be able to click directly to Pro data results; there’s no typing or copying/pasting needed.

If you’re an existing Identity Check for Web customer, you can try this feature right now. Suppose you are reviewing an order for a John Smith at 123 Main St in Seattle, WA, 555-123-4567, Instead of typing all of that into a search form, you can simply click here to search this information on Identity Check for Web.

Need more information? Check out our instructions, or reach out to your Whitepages Pro sales executive or account manager to learn more.

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